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Server 2008’s Windows Server Backup is not Exchange-aware

Just an FYI for when the time comes that you deploy Exchange 2007 on Server 2008. The Windows Server Backup is not Exchange-aware and cannot be used for streaming backups or restores on Server 2008. Thanks goes out to Scott Schnol from Microsoft for this information. You must purchase a 3rd-party (or DPM 2007) VSS capable backup solution. If you do go to Server 2008, you can restore previous backups using the NTBackup Restore Utility available at the following URL:

And just to add some more information for those that haven’t used Windows Server Backup yet, you can’t back up the system state via the GUI. You have to use the CLI. You are also limited to full volume backups only. You cannot back up specific files/folders.

Personally, I think the Windows Server Backup leaves a lot to be desired.


DPM 2007 has RTM’d

On October 17th at Storage Networking World, Ted Kummert, Microsoft Corporate VP for Data and Storage Platforms announced the release to manufacturing of System Center Data Protection Manager 2007.

Read more at the following URL: