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Export Spoken Name in Exchange 2010 UM

I was asked by a client recently if there was anyway to export the Spoken Name in Exchange UM to a WAV file.  You can’t export this to a WAV file but you can export it to a WMV-9 file which you can then use other means to convert it to a WAV file.

Now when I say SpokenName, I am referring to the audio you hear when you press this audio icon in the Outlook Contact Card.

To export this, the steps are relatively simple (though I didn’t figure this one out on my own and a very helpful Microsoft fellow CYC gave me most of the code).

Export-RecipientDataProperty -Identity  -SpokenName | foreach-object { Add-Content -Value $_.FileData -Path "C:\Exports\identity.wma" -Encoding Byte }

Let’s look at an example.  I will export my own Spoken Name to WMA file.

We can see that no file currently exists.

We will now export the data to a WMV-9 file as well as re-verify that the file was created.


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