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New Method to Deploy Autodiscover (Using DNS SRV)

Microsoft has released a new client-side hotfix (KB 939184) for Outlook 2007 which will allow Outlook 2007 to contact the Exchange 2007 Autodiscover using DNS SRV records (KB 940881). This allows you to save costs by using a single-name certificate with a single IP. A con to this is your Outlook 2007 clients will have to accept a re-direct message. This hotfix will be included in Outlook 2007 SP1.

More information: (How to configure) (Information about hotfix) (Request hotfix) ( article)


4 Responses to “New Method to Deploy Autodiscover (Using DNS SRV)”

  1. on 07 Apr 2010 at 11:11 pmChad

    any special ISA settings if we go with the srv record instead of the autodiscover A record?

  2. on 08 Apr 2010 at 2:30 amElan Shudnow

    Never tried it but there shouldn't be anything special you need to do in ISA. You'll still want to make sure you include the /autodiscover/* path in the ISA Rule in the Paths Tab.

  3. […] As of late September, Microsoft has added a new method to make the Autodiscover service accessible from the outside with a single certificate. This is through the use of SRV records. You can read more about this new type of configuration here. […]

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