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Exchange 2007 Tools

There are many tools out there to help assist Exchange 2007 Administrators in a variety of administrative scenarios.

Jetstress [ x64 | x86 ] – Use Jetstress to verify the performance and stability of a disk subsystem prior to putting an Exchange server into production. Jetstress helps verify disk performance by simulating Exchange disk Input/Output (I/O) load. Specifically, Jetstress simulates the Exchange database and log file loads produced by a specific number of users.

Exchange Load Simulator [ x64 | x86 ] Use Microsoft Exchange Load Generator (LoadGen) as a simulation tool to measure the impact of MAPI clients on Exchange servers. LoadGen allows you to test how a server running Exchange responds to e-mail loads.

Exchange Server Stress and Performance Tools [ x64 | x86 ] Use Microsoft Exchange Server Stress and Performance (ESP), a highly scalable stress and performance tool for Exchange, to simulate large numbers of client sessions by concurrently accessing one or more protocol servers. ESP includes multiple modules that you can use to simulate a wide variety of protocols and loads.

Exchange Server Profile Analyzer [ x64 | x86 ] Use the Microsoft Exchange Server Profile Analyzer tool to collect estimated statistical information from a single mailbox store or across an Exchange Server organization. The collected data can be used for such tasks as analyzing the performance and health of a server that has mailboxes, improving capacity planning models, and improving testing methodologies and tools.

Exchange Server Public Folder DAV-based Administration Tool [ download ] Use the Exchange Server Public Folder Distributed Authoring and Versioning (DAV)-based Administration tool (PFDAVAdmin) to perform various management tasks related to public folders and mailboxes.

Management Pack for Exchange Server 2007 for MOM 2005 [ download ] The Exchange Server 2007 Management Pack includes rules and scripts to monitor and report on performance, availability, and reliability of all Exchange 2007 server roles including Mailbox, Client Access, Hub Transport, Edge Transport and Unified Messaging.

Exchange Server Anti Spam Migration Tool [ download ] The Exchange 2007 Anti Spam Migration Tool reads these settings from Active Directory and converts them to equivalent Windows Power Shell script (consisting of Exchange 2007 tasks) which can then be run on Edge Transport or Hub Transport roles of Exchange Server 2007.

Exchange Server Management Tools [ download ] The Exchange management tools include the Exchange Management Console, the Exchange Management Shell, the Exchange Help file, the Microsoft Exchange Best Practices Analyzer Tool, and the Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant Tool. If you receive an error in regards to the Windows Installer Version, download the latest version of the Windows Installer Version here.

Exchange Mailbox Server Role Storage Requirement Calculator [ download ] In order to assist customers in designing their storage layout for Exchange 2007, the Microsoft Product Team have put together a calculator that focuses on driving the storage requirements (I/O performance and capacity) and what the optimal LUN layout should be based on a set of input factors.

PowerGUI [ download ] PowerGUI is an extensible graphical administrative console for managing systems based on Windows PowerShell. These include Windows OS (XP, 2003, Vista), Exchange 2007, Operations Manager 2007 and other new systems from Microsoft. The tool allows to use the rich capabilities of Windows PowerShell in a familiar and intuitive GUI console.


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  2. on 23 Dec 2008 at 10:28 amJulio Holzworth

    You can also add to this list scriptlogic’s exchange management solution that is a bundle of 3 tools covering a wide range of exchange cases.

    The bundle includes:
    Security Explorer for Exchange – for managing exchange security permissions
    Message Stats – exchange reporting solution
    Archive Manager – for email capturing and archiving.

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